Texas Plant Information Database

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Appendix 3

Desirable Characteristics of Native Plant Associations for Landscapes, Erosion Control, and Wildlife Use

  1. Selected plants should be of the same local climatic and ecological region, topography, and soil conditions.

  2. Selected plants should be noncompetitive, i.e., compatible.

  3. The association should cover as much area as possible (overlapping canopies).

  4. The association should form at least 2 canopy layers above the soil surface.

  5. Selected plants should include a mixture of physical and habit forms, e.g., deciduous, evergreen, tree, shrub, vine, forb, grass.

  6. The association should provide annual, all-season fruits.

  7. The association should provide areas of adequate cover.

  8. Some components of the association should establish quickly and provide rapid growth.

  9. Selected plants should include at least one nitrogen-fixing species, if feasible.

  10. Plantings should be arranged in irregular groups rather than uniform rows so that the association will produce a more natural form.